Beware — the future is here!

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Imagine being able to see the future. What would you see in the year 2030? Do the biggest brands still exist? Do people prefer sustainability over convenience? Has new tech enhanced our lives and businesses— or quite the contrary?

Most actors in the marketplace operate with limited information, and so even a small amount of additional knowledge can often make a big difference.

None of us can of course predict future precisely so many give up even trying. They should not. Not now.

We know already that the next decade will bring many big changes. The year 2030 will probably be as different as comparing our current world to the 1980`s.

The consumer and citizen landscape will look and feel different. Technology will continue to empower people to a degree never seen before. Empowered consumers and citizens will not anymore follow a predictable pathway.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will continue to transform entire systems of production, distribution and consumption. New businesses will rise and the ones thriving will be customer obsessed, instead of plain customer-centric.

The most successful products and services of the year 2030 likely don’t exist today.

So no wonder that according to the predictions a big portion of the now leading consumer-facing companies can even go bankrupt during the next decade. So indeed, your favourite brand might not be around anymore.

That is, if all the players do not start adapting for the future today. Global experts agree that fundamental change is needed for most businesses at the forefront today. To thrive many will need to disrupt themselves. And all actors — businesses, brands, parties and communities — need to re-invent themselves at least to some extent.

Feeling lonely or scared ahead of the hazardous journey? No need. The journey to the future is only dangerous if done alone. The only way to navigate successfully to the future is together. For businesses it is a journey together with the customers, with the empowered employees– by walking in the exact same footsteps. And at the same time by actually creating together what your business needs to become.

Five steps in becoming future-proof

  1. Assume nothing. Foresee the future. Prepare for all the different scenarios.

  2. Choose your tribes. Know your customers, know your networks. Co-operate.

  3. Win every micro-moment. Focus like a laser on providing true value 24/7.

  4. Become fluid. Change your course quickly when needed, re-shape constantly.

  5. Own the future. Innovate together with your customers something better than ever before. A better world for both of you.

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