Essi's trainee takeaways

Read about Essi's internship at frankly and her thoughts on her professional development

When I started at frankly partners in December 2020, I was immediately convinced that frankly is the pioneer in understanding the value of customer-centricity. At first glance, I got the impression that people at frankly are incredibly talented in the fields of customer insight as well as customer strategy and implementation. Thus, I got convinced that an internship at frankly would ensure an enhanced and human-centric learning experience and support my personal growth as a professional. 

I must highlight that the best thing about this internship was that I have been able to learn a lot. During my time at frankly, I got the opportunity to get familiar with various projects and to learn from multiple industries. For example, I received an excellent opportunity to learn from customer experience design and strategy from participating in a business design and change management project. During this project, I also learned how to implement change management and tackle resistance to change. Other tasks of mine included, for example, preparing a few competitive analysis, preparing client material, analysing quantitative and qualitative data, and participating in client meetings and client interviews. Moreover, I definitely expanded my skillset on conducting qualitative research and analysing both quantitative and qualitative data. 

The other great thing about this internship is the frankly team, its people, and its culture. The human-centric approach on how frankly solves its client’s problems flows throughout the whole organisation. For me, it was very clear from the beginning that there are no wrong questions, and I was encouraged to always question anything if I felt so. Frankly is part of hasan & co., and I was impressed by the cooperation between different teams inside the whole group. Also, diversity, inclusion and the sense of belonging made me feel more than happy to be part of the organisation.

To summarise, the internship at frankly provided me with a variety of challenging, inspiring and motivating tasks that helped me to distinguish where I am particularly strong at and what I still need to improve. Frankly’s strength lies in its people, and the whole team is a pleasure to work with. For anyone considering frankly as a workplace, I highly recommend it!

Essi Lepistö