Brand strategy to unify culture

Brand Strategy, Responsibility and Purpose, Change Enablement

The challenge

The Swedish-owned Humana, which operates in the social and care sector, has taken a significant foothold in Finland through acquisitions. Now the goal is to bring all companies together, create one common Humana culture and thus take a step to the next level.

Humana's underlying idea is that being the most attractive employer for the best professionals in the industry also creates the conditions for the best customer experience and business success in the industry. The ambitious goal is to change the debate across the industry.

We wanted the brand strategy to support the building of the employer image, and in frankly we saw a partner who, together with our staff, could help create and crystallize the strategy

Riina Kirmanen / Marketing Director, Humana.

The solution

Humana professionals operate in a diverse network where the payer of the service (public sector) is different from the target of the service (user customers). In addition, decisions are influenced by a number of different parties, such as relatives to user customers. Management cannot therefore be based on top-down guidance, but the principles and frameworks that guide action must be created together, with the involvement and commitment of staff.

To clarify the brand strategy, we interviewed people extensively from different units and organizational levels of Humana, as well as customers from different types of organizations. The common vision was deepened through internal workshops. Through this, we identified what elements affect both the customer and employee experience in the industry. In the next step, we introduced weighting through a quantitative survey: how important the different elements of the issue were perceived in different staff and customer groups, different units and teams.

Utilizing the customer's vision and involving the company's own personnel in various ways, an inspiring view emerged but also of the steps to be taken to reach the goal. The next step is to build concrete action plans and to design a management and measurement model that supports the journey of change. "The collaboration with frankly created a shared vision of the future based on extensive research. At the same time, we built an inclusive approach that supports implementation and increased commitment right from the start. An inspiring goal binds our people together!", Anu Kallio, Humana's CEO, rejoices.





Type of work

Brand Strategy,
Responsibility and Purpose,
Change Enablement



Client description

Humana has been operating in Finland since 2016 through Arjessa Oy. Arjessa’s roots go back to 2010, and its oldest child protection unit, Namika Pienryhmäkoti, was founded in 1925. Coronaria Hoiva’s services became part of Humana in April 2019. Humana's goal is to build a high-quality and comprehensive entity providing social and care services in Finland.