Communications design based on customer understanding

Branded experiences, Experience design, Change enablement, Comms strategy, B2B

The challenge

The development of customer communications had been defined as crucial area for business success at Kespro. Thus they wanted to ensure, that their customers always receive genuinely relevant content at the right time and via the channels that suit them the best. The aim was to renew the customer-facing communications with a bold and business-centered attitude, to serve the true needs of their wide customer base.

The solution

The starting point for the project was to have the customers actively participate to the project with qualitative interviews. We gauged the customers' everyday life and were able to recognize moments, where communications can create value.

We used design methods to allow also experiential development. With those methods we were able to guide the development boldly towards the future, while also supporting the renewal with some more practical communications solutions as well.

We were able to prototype new service models and test them with clients through hypothesis concepts . We prioritized the relevant features for clients with co-creation – thus allowing irrelevant development paths to be dismissed already in the development phase.

The outcome

We were able to recognize and respond to needs, that the end-customers find difficult to put to words, but nevertheless exist. As an end result, Kespro's organization got a deeper understanding of their customers, a common language and a way to speak to their wide and varied customer base and both short improvements and long term development paths for their communications operations.





Type of work

Branded experiences, Experience design, Change enablement, Comms strategy, B2B



About the client

Kespro, owned by Kesko Oyj, is a wholesaler that supports the business ideas of foodservice operators such as restaurants, cafes, service stations, public administration, K-Group stores and resale customers.