NRC Group

Brand work following an acquisition

Brand strategy, Responsibility & purpose, Creative storytelling, Change enablement, Internal comms

The challenge

VR Group sold its VR Track business to the norwegian NRC Group. After the acquisition NRC Group became the biggest builder of railways and one of the biggest infrastructure constructor and maintenance companies in Finland, Sweden and Norway. 

In this new situation NRC Group needed a shared understanding of the brand strategy to lead a common direction.  

The solution

The project started with initiating the brand strategy work in close cooperation with the company’s management. We crystallized both the essence of the brand and communication elements to be the basis of internal and external stakeholder communications. The work was supported by a visual identity audit, executed as a part of the brand crystallization. 

The brand strategy, anchored to the NRC Group future business strategy and business objectives, was created by utilizing competitor analyses, key person interviews, employee survey results, workshops, digital cooperation platforms and creative writing. 

The brand crystallization based on stakeholder needs was birthed in close cooperation with the NRC Group: a shared Nordic story, a depiction from history to today, brand cornerstones, company mission and vision, introductory sentence and boilerplate, wording values, key messages of brand communication and tone-of-voice guidelines. 

The post-acquisition brand work gave the company the building blocks for a unified Nordic brand and communications. 


NRC Group


Real estate & construction

Type of work

Brand strategy, Responsibility & purpose, Creative storytelling, Change enablement, Internal comms



Client description

NRC Group is the leading Nordic railway infrastructure provider, that builds and maintains the infrastructure that moves both people and the society. The company offers a wide range of services throughout the infrastructure life cycle in Finland, Norway and Sweden. The company’s goal is to be the most desired partner and employer of the infrastructure industry in the future. The Group, listed in the Oslo stock market, has grown significantly since it was established in 2011.