Renewed brand strategy

Brand strategy

The challenge

Vincit has worked systematically to renew it's business strategy. As a customer- and human-centric company, Vincit wanted to develop it's strategy and operations based on deep customer insight and link it's business strategy seamlessly to it's brand strategy.

Vincit wanted to find answers to questions like:

  • What is the future business partner like in software development?

  • Are there values that are common to Vincit and it's clients?

  • How can Vincit differentiate from the competition and how can the differentiating elements be strengthened together?

The goal of our co-operation was to create a customer centric and actionable brand strategy in an agile way together with Vincit and frankly people. Client and client's world were in the heart of this work - they gave the basis for Vincit's renewed brand strategy.

The solution

Vincit's brand strategy got the form of a "brand duck" - it links to a powerful story rising from the Vincit culture. The brand duck describes the company's differentiating value proposition, the brand and the desired customer experience.

Besides the clear, inspiring and tested deliverables, a very valuable part of this work was the common, co-creating journey with the Vincit employees and the clients. This journey created commitment to strategy and it's execution in every day life.

I have not seen such modern ways of working in any other company on this field!

- Mikko Bäckström, Head of Marketing and Brand, Vincit



Type of work

Brand strategy

About the client

Vincit is not just another software company. Vincit restores your faith in the future with human-driven digital transformations. Vincit works on Software Design & Development, Emerging Technologies, and Digital Platform Services that make sense.