Customer centric operating model

Organization, Customer centricity

Initial situation – from vision to practice

The goal of the cooperation was to help WSOY on the path towards consumer insight and stronger data deployment. WSOY has been a pioneer in its industry, but the accelerating change in the operating environment and consumer behaviour have increased the need to extensively understand the current and future needs of consumers; in other words, to place the consumer at the centre of its operations. 

The direction for developing the customer experience was made clear by extensively involving and working with the organisation: identifying key questions in need of answers and the steps and processes where the customer should be more thoroughly included. We were able to identify the requirements and opportunities of the future market and set out on a journey towards them together.

When we decided to choose a partner for our consumer insight project aimed at a more customer-oriented approach, we were convinced by frankly’s expertise and experience in combining data-driven customer insight with the strategy and business of companies operating in various industries.

-Veli-Pekka Matilainen, Sales Director, WSOY

Solution – systematic steps towards practical results

The customer-oriented approach of WSOY was clarified in a role, taking into consideration complex relationships in terms of both consumers and sales channels. We verbalised and visualised WSOY’s relationship with the customer. Frankly’s DNA model for a customer-oriented approach was used in assessing the current situation and prioritising the development paths. It also provided a more extensive viewpoint within the organisation for using consumer insight as part of daily work to support better decisions.

The cooperation with frankly’s experts has been very efficient and the project has progressed as planned and scheduled. Visualising the complex relationship between the consumer customer and WSOY helped us illustrate and itemise our touchpoints with the customers. The project has helped us find a common language for discussing the customer experience and consumer insight across the different parts of the organisation.

-Veli-Pekka Matilainen, Sales Director, WSOY

End result – the journey continues

The insight model developed during the project now continues with tangible development steps. The company is able to build a bigger picture of the consumer field and the expertise within the organisation is transformed into an engine for insight. While the long-term direction is clear, WSOY is taking steps in its daily work towards a more customer-oriented approach. 

The commitment of the people in our publishing houses, their excitement for the process since the beginning and the ability of frankly’s team of experts to understand the principles of our business proved to be the keys to success. Our skillful partner has made it possible for us to cover considerable ground in developing our customer experience. Our cooperation will now continue as we deepen our knowledge of consumers and introduce new tools and policies to support publishers, marketing and sales and help them bring readers and the relevant content together.

-Timo Julkunen, CEO, WSOY



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Branded experiences,
Experience design,
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Werner Söderström was established in 1878. The leading publishing house in Finland, Werner Söderström is part of Bonnier Books. In addition to WSOY, Werner Söderström includes the publishing houses Tammi, Johnny Kniga,, Kosmos, Bazar, Minerva Publishing, Docendo and CrimeTime.