Katrin – Redefining the blueprint for a Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Katrin – Redefining the blueprint for a Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Client and objective

During the autumn of 2016 Katrin wanted to redefine the blueprint for their digital marketing ecosystem in ways that would improve customer experience and brand building across the Nordics and other European markets. The Katrin brand represents Metsä Tissue’s B2B hygiene products and solutions in Europe.

“We wanted to ensure that our digital marketing operations support and enable our strategic and brand building targets throughout all our markets.” , says Sofia Salmi, Katrin Digital Marketing Specialist.

Insight and solution

There was a need to combine Katrin’s business strategy and updated brand cornerstones more strongly with the operations in the digital marketing ecosystem. Additionally, a unified way of operating within the Katrin digital marketing ecosystem across Katrin markets was created.

In order to achieve set goals, the blueprint of the ecosystem had to be based on customer insight. In practice this meant defining how to create perceived value through digital marketing initiatives for the chosen customer segments – in Katrin’s own platforms, and also their customers’.


The three-phase project produced a detailed description of Katrin’s digital ecosystem, including the desired situation for digital marketing, digital marketing customer flows, channel roles and objectives over the next 1-3 years, and also answered questions regarding:

  • How to create perceived value through digital channels for distributors?
  • How to create an effective customer flow? How to induce customers return to the ecosystem?
  • What is the roadmap for the organization to reach the optimal ecosystem?

The successful implementation of these objectives will help distributors and Katrin sales representatives do their work better.

”Frankly Partners helped us to put together a target and customer-oriented plan with a concrete roadmap to proceed in prioritized stages. Frankly Partners was very professional and customer-oriented to work with. Especially Jenny Björklund was a great asset to the project., concludes Sofia Salmi.

More information:
Roope Ruotsalainen, CDO, [email protected], +358 40 735 5557