Kesko – Auditing the marketing and communications processes

Kesko – Auditing the marketing and communications processes

Client & Objective

Kesko is in the middle of a transformation toward a customer-centric culture and business. Marketing and communications have a central role in mediating this process.

Kesko started an auditing process for its marketing and communications functions and business interfaces. The project covered all three of Kesko’s strategic business areas (consumer goods, building and construction, cars).

The project objective was to build a cohesive picture of all processes and structures related to Kesko marketing and communications from a customer-centric point of view as well as to map the main targets for improvement.

Insight & Solution

We surveyed the current situation of the Kesko marketing and communications in all three business areas. We also recognised the main targets for improvement, reflecting these from the point of view of the Kesko strategic objectives.


  • Recognising the targets for improvement in collaboration with the staff from the three business areas
  • Interviewing the key people and building a better overview about the main targets for improvement
  • Tracking competences via personal surveys
  • Strategy work and desktop analysis on understanding the current situation as well as to create actionable recommendations for future action


The most important deliverables of the project were the strong vision and actionable recommendations for Kesko’s progress towards customer-centricity. We also built a cohesive picture of the ideal situation and the challenges that Kesko may face in working toward that ideal.

The marketing and communications processes were analysed and the targets were built around a framework consisting of three parts:

  1. Strategy and customer insight
  2. Operative effiency
  3. Operative productivity


More information: Roope Ruotsalainen, Chief Digital Officer, [email protected] +358407355557