Skills, culture and beyond

In a world overloaded with data and sensory information, it is too easy to forget the basics. Behind every number there is always a human being – a customer or an employee.

Our team blends together analytical and systems thinking competences with human centric approach of philosophers and social scientists. Spiced with practical leadership and strategy skills to make a real change. And not to forget creativity to stand out and make magic.

Roope Ruotsalainen


T:+358 40 735 5557

Laura Calderón Westö

Insight Specialist

T:+358 40 4109 218

Hanna Dietrich

Insight Specialist

T:+358 44 2167591

Henri Hietala

Business Director

T:+358 40 0385088

Mikko Hovi

Business Director

T:+358 44 502 1234

Minna Hyykky

Business Designer

T:+358 44 531 3709

Aino Immonen

Business Designer

T:+358 50 336 1803

Kirsi Kalpio

Business Director

T:+358 40 558 8041

Miila Kaukonen

Insight AD

T:+358 50 526 3798

Tinja Kivistö

Senior Business Designer

T:+358 50 4485056

Minttu Lastujoki

Business Designer

T:+358 45 6782103

Hanna Manninen

Business Designer

T:+358 44 901 6934

Minni Niiva

Insight Specialist

T: +358 41 4492540

Hanna-Leena Ristimäki

Executive Associate

T:+358 40 0513944

Verneri Virsunen

Insight Specialist

T:+358 50 466 9959

Simo Kajaste

CEO and CFO, hasan & co.

T:+358 40 744 0185

Antti Kiukas

Commercial Director, hasan & co.

T:+358 50 3761138

Our emails follow the familiar format [email protected]

Are you a new frankly?

We are continuously searching for new colleagues – for example experience management consultants, human and data insight specialist, as well as recently graduated fast learners. Send your open application to [email protected].