How we work

Customer insight is the foundation for efficient business.

Customers are at the heart of business and brand development in customer insight-led organizations. We help our clients find inspirational insights that create action and business growth. We develop their business, marketing and sales together with them and their customers –consumers or decision makers.

By recognizing the most important drivers for target groups’ behaviour we create a customer centric basis for developing operations, products and services to fulfill their needs now and in the future.

Brand and marketing strategies

Customers are at the heart of business and brand development in customer insight lead organizations. In order to create commercially successful brands, we need to be able to affect our customers’ emotions.

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Commercialization and testing

By identifying special characteristics of different customer groups, we create the preconditions to design a product and service portfolio as well as sales and marketing activities that will meet the needs of customer groups – both now and in the future.

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Customer experience and service design

By answering the question: “How can we create perceived value for our clients’ end-customers?”, we at Frankly unify our clients’ business realities with what their end-customers actually want.

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Data driven leadership and change management

Every leader looks for and needs strong tools to support their leadership work. Strategic guidelines, business goals and measurement not only have to be set in a smart way, they also need to be sold to the organization.

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Digitalization and new business models

The competitive environment is changing and the new players are playing with new rules. Digitalization has created new value which cannot be created solely by digitalizing processes. Only companies that digitalize themselves in a customer centric way can flourish.

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Market potential and the future

The prerequisite for any profitable business is identifying potential customers and their current and future needs. We need to understand what kind of phenomena, megatrends and forces of change shape how consumers act – and how the society around us reacts to these changes.

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