Brand and marketing strategies

Brand and marketing strategies

Customers are at the heart of business and brand development in customer insight-led organizations. Rational brand elements often act as reasons to believe that the purchase decision is right for both consumers and for B2B decision makers. According to research, awakening emotion also plays a significant role in decision making.

In order to create commercially successful brands, we need to be able to affect our customers’ emotions. In addition to rational brand elements companies should be increasingly interested in which emotional attributes translate into competitive advantages in the eyes of consumers.

This all starts with versatile and high-quality data. It helps us to draw a clear picture of our customer, including all their needs, wants and emotions. A brand’s value promise should then be constructed around these elements: how a company creates perceived value for its customers. Making the right analysis is critical. The best analysis often uses both intuition and creativity to complement the analyzed data. Only in this way can the data come to life and make consumers fall in love with the brand.

We help our clients with

  • defining the value promise and vision for the brand,
  • creating the brand strategy,
  • defining the purposefulness of the brand,
  • defining the brand architecture, brand hierarchy and brand position.

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