Customer experience and service design

Customer experience and service design

We help our clients create experiences and services that originate from customer needs and that support their overall business strategy. Our winning approach works by bringing together customer insights, the specific strengths of your company and an awareness of future opportunities.

End-customers are the truest experts of their own experiences. So designing and developing meaningful services requires a deep-dive into their world as well as identifying underlying needs that stem from their lifestyles, values and feelings. By answering the question: “How can we create perceived value for our clients’ end-customers?”, we at Frankly unify our clients’ business realities with what their end-customers actually want.

We love gathering data – but we also believe that a large amount of the data and information needed to develop and change business-critical aspects in companies has often already been collected. We only do additional research when it’s truly needed. And when it is, we make use of our agile and versatile research methods – such as mobile research tools – to conduct ethnographic observations for example.

We believe that in order to create effective actions and unique service innovations, research and analysis needs to inspire not only research participants but also company decision makers. Our versatile digital tools aid in implementing new service models that work well even in large organizations that have many people to get on board and convince. We make sure that our insights are actionable and genuinely lead to change.

We help our clients with

  • defining ideal customer journeys and experiences,
  • multi-channel product and service development,
  • developing a customer centric organization,
  • developing customer relationship management models,
  • redefining or creating new loyalty programs and
  • creating new service strategies.

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