Digitalization and new business models

Digitalization and new business models

The competitive environment is changing. Digitalization has created new value which cannot be created solely by digitalizing processes. Established companies are facing the challenge of changing and challenging their respective industry conventions, which makes the playing field favourable for new players with their own rules.

Only companies that digitalize themselves in a customer centric way can flourish. According to research, companies that score high in customer experience are more preferred, grow faster than their competition and can charge more for their products and services than competitors.

Customer centric digitalization demands a new kind of thinking about how digitalization is integrated with existing business models, where it should not be combined, and how we can create perceived value for the end customers.

We help our clients with

  • finding new growth opportunities by developing their digital business models,
  • building measurable customer experiences that span and connect the touchpoint of the offline and online worlds,
  • creating new digital distribution models and processes,
  • defining, evaluating and improving competences in a company’s path in digitalization,
  • leading the digitalization of the organization by developing teams, processes and competences.

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