Market potential and the future

Market potential and the future

The operating environments of businesses are changing rapidly. It’s getting easier than ever to lose sight of the most central thing to any business’s success: customers are people who want to be well treated and served. The prerequisite for any profitable business is identifying potential customers and their current and future needs.

We need to understand what kind of phenomena, megatrends and forces of change shape how consumers act – and how the society around us reacts to these changes. We also need to know what emerging trends and weak signals can suddenly arise in the lives of our (sometimes even polarized) target groups. To build tomorrow’s success we help our clients combine future scenario work with predictive models about the needs of different customer segments.

No one knows what the future will bring with 100% accuracy. Through trends programs and scenario work, we can, however, evaluate different alternative futures and their impact on our business. Our comprehensive scientific methods ensure the consistent high quality of our market analysis and segmentation projects.

We help our clients with

  • futurecasting: trend programs, scenario analysis and predictive models,
  • identifying new customer potential,
  • strategic segmentation and
  • analyzing market and target group potential.

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