Business Anthropologist / Insight Specialist

Open position

Do you get your kicks from helping customers to succeed in their business by going beyond the obvious choices? If so, Frankly could be your next professional tribe and we would like to hear from you.

At Frankly, you dive deep into human behavior and research, as well as into business perspectives. In this role you will be conducting qualitative research, focusing especially in anthropology in business context. You strive for making an impact on strategic projects of our clients from the human perspective.


  • You are a curious explorer, who gets excited of digging into cultures and human behavior, existing market and academic research and trends, to reveal relevant perspectives unseen before

  • You love creating frameworks, to simplify the complex world around us

  • You think big and see beyond obvious choices and methodologies

  • You are analytical thinker and precise with documentation and outputs

 You already have:

  • Proven experience conducting qualitative research in business context

  • Proven academic / methodological skills: strong in qualitative research

  • Optimally, experience in social psychology or neuroscience

  • Optimally, experience from consultancy, research agency or similar business

  • Fluency in written and verbal Finnish and English

Apply by email

If this sounds interesting and you feel like you have what it takes to fill this position, apply by sending your CV and cover letter to [email protected], where our group HR treats you further. If you have any questions, you will reach us from this address as well.

Applications are received until 26.4.2021. We will start interviewing candidates already during the application process. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Frankly, we exist to make brands and businesses customer centric. We help businesses to discover the new growth potential, set the strategic direction, craft brand experiences and increase customer value, and to drive the change within the organizations. We melt facts and wisdom, analysis and provocation, thinking and making together.

Frankly is part of the hasan & co family.