An Exceptionally Insightful Agency

We are your partner for inspirational insights that create action and business growth.

In this era of rapid change and endless hype, it’s easy to lose sight of the essential: Your customers, both consumers and b2b decision-makers, are human beings who want to be clearly understood and properly served.

At Frankly Partners, we believe that insights not based on data are suspect at best. And while we love numbers, data that’s disconnected from actionable insights is – quite frankly – useless or worse.

Frankly Partners is the analytical offspring of hasan & partners, one of the most successful marketing communication agencies in Northern Europe, and a sibling of leading-edge digital agency Perfect Fools. Frankly Partners was established in October 2013 and currently employs 13 strategists, analyst, researchers and an art director.

Our methods to grow your business

Actionable customer insight is the most important tool for efficient business, sales and marketing. At Frankly Partners, we love data and believe in inspiring research and analysis. But we are not here to create more research, unless really needed. Through our state-of-art concepts and tools we turn data into insights that support our clients’ business and decision-making.

We deliver multi-methodology quantitative and qualitative (online and face-to-face) research, research through gaming, analytics and testing projects. Moreover, our core is in making insights actionable. We bridge the gap from insights to action for example through following areas of expertise: